Alexis & Travis

January 6, 2024

Wedding Day 
Amidst the crisp January air, love blossomed into a beautiful union as Alexis and Travis embarked on their journey as husband and wife. Their wedding was a testament to joy, elegance, and the magic of the season. From meticulous planning to exquisite design, every detail was infused with their love story, creating an unforgettable celebration at the enchanting Lost Mission.The day dawned with a sense of anticipation, as the weather graced the occasion with perfection, enhancing the enchanting atmosphere. Alexis and Travis exchanged vows in the chapel, surrounded by family and friends. As they sealed their commitment with a kiss, the iconic Lost Mission bell chimed, echoing their love for all to hear. The design aesthetic was a vision of timeless elegance, with white flowers and verdant greenery vines intertwining to create an ethereal ambiance. Accents of gold added a touch of opulence, while flickering candlelight bathed the venue in a warm, romantic glow. Each element was thoughtfully curated to reflect the couple's style and vision for their special day.Following the ceremony, guests were greeted by the lively melodies of a mariachi band, serenading the newlyweds with joyful tunes as they embarked on their journey together. Happy hour was a time of mingling and merriment, with refreshing beverages and delectable appetizers to tantalize the senses. Guests seized the opportunity to capture memories with the majestic longhorns, adding a touch of Texas charm to the festivities. As evening descended, dinner was served amidst a backdrop of twinkling lights and laughter-filled conversations. The dance floor beckoned, inviting guests to revel in the magic of the moment as they celebrated the union of two souls intertwined. Love and laughter filled the air, creating an atmosphere of pure joy and celebration.  As the night drew to a close, Alexis and Travis bid farewell to their loved ones through a tunnel of bubbles, a symbolic and enchanting sendoff marking the beginning of their new chapter together. Surrounded by the warmth of their guests' well wishes, they embarked on their journey hand in hand, filled with love, laughter, and the promise of a lifetime of happiness.  Congratulations to the new MR+MRS Hlavinka! 

Wedding Professionals
Venue, Eats & Drinks: Lost Mission 
Planning & Florals: JC Events 
Photography: Chandra's Collection
DJ: Power Sounds Entertainment
Live Music: Mariachi Azul
Beauty: Vixen Hair & Makeup 
Dress: Olivia Grace Bridal 
Cakes: The Painted Cake 
Seating chart: Lazy Creek Designs 
Longhorns: Cross T Ranch 
Transportation: Elegant Ride