Events by Jennifer Craft



  1. Analisa & Justin's Wedding
    26 Jul, 2017
    Analisa & Justin's Wedding
    Get ready to swoon!! I had the great pleasure of helping Analisa & Justin with their wedding, which took place on July 8, 2017 at The Eilan Hotel in San Antonio. Justin and Analisa are the sweetest couple - it was pure joy to work with them. The day was a bit warm, but no rain in site - which made us happy! As guests arrived, they mingled in the hotel lobby. When it was time, guests took their seats on the outside balcony for ceremony. After the beautiful ceremony, guests made their way to the
  2. Floral Feature
    03 Feb, 2017
    Floral Feature
    Beautiful! Lauren and Sam's wedding was beautiful in every way - from the venue to the flowers. Everyone was so friendly and happy to celebrate the love between the couple. Today, I want to share with you the gorgeous floral designs. This wedding was soft, classy and romantic - the flowers were no exception. Enjoy the eye candy that we call flowers!  Floral Designs by Flower Shack Blooms  Photography by Mint Photography
  3. Floral Feature Friday
    27 Jan, 2017
    Floral Feature Friday
    We are going to flashback to February of 2015 to feature one of our favorites....Gretchen and Bryan! First of all, purple is one of our favorite colors and we fell in love with the floral designs of their wedding day. The tall centerpieces incorporated fruit, which was a very unique look! Gretchen and Bryan's wedding was beautiful and the floral designs made it that much more memorable. We hope this brings you inspiration. Enjoy!  Venue The Pearl Stable  Floral designs were created by Ambiance