Events by Jennifer Craft



  1. Hotel Valencia on the Riverwalk
    23 Jun, 2017
    Hotel Valencia on the Riverwalk
    It's Feature Friday and today I want to showcase Hotel Valencia! I had the great pleasure to re-visit the newly renovated hotel, which is located on the San Antonio Riverwalk. The style of the hotel is very unique, definitely not your "typical" hotel space. I would describe it as having a modern, yet old world style with some San Antonio flair. Hotel Valencia is styled and decorated with the most exquisite antique and stylish pieces of furniture and accessories, yet the price will surprise you
  2. Delight Photo Booth
    10 Feb, 2017
    Delight Photo Booth's Friday! Today, I'm excited to share Delight Photo Booth with you. This is no ordinary photo's inflatable! With a cool modern vibe, it's sure to take your event to the next level of awesomeness...and it won't break the bank. I had the pleasure of working with Delight Photo Booth in December for Dalia+Mike's Wedding, and it was truly a delight! Delight Photo Booth only uses dye-sublimation printers that will prevent a print from becoming blurry or smudgy after you pass your
  3. take a load off your feet!
    06 Feb, 2017
    take a load off your feet!
    Besides your designated dinner table, where will you sit? It's becoming more popular to have additional seating areas throughout your event space. This gives your event a unique vibe and brings an overall comfort to the space. Seating areas can be any style, generally you go with the style of your theme or design. One of my favorites are vintage seating areas with antique pieces. To kick it up a notch, you can add a game to the table for your guests to enjoy. Seating areas are perfect during
  4. where is the gift table?
    30 Jan, 2017
    where is the gift table?
    When I'm coordinating an event, usually weddings, what question do I get asked the most? Besides, where is the bathroom?.... Where do I put my gift? I usually offer to take the gift and set it down myself. However, there are many times when guests insist on doing it themselves especially when it's an envelope (filled with money!!). I'm an honest person...sweet and innocent, but nevertheless they don't trust me to take it for them. That's totally fine! ;) I proceed to point them in the right